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This mussel brushing machine makes it possible to wash and brush raw mussels by declumping mussels before packaging or debyssing them.

The waste is evacuated through an interchangeable grid with a smooth version for fragile mussels or a grooved version to remove parasites from mussels.

A complete range of mussel brushers can be adapted to any type of production and race of mussels.

Mussel brusher
Model 15 brushes, capacity 500 to 1000 kg per hour
Model 18 brushes, capacity 750 to 1500 kg per hour
Model 24 brushes, capacity 1500 to 3000 kg per hour

– In electric version for onshore process
– In hydraulic version for on-board process on boats

Electric or manual brush lifting option

Different possible evacuation:
-Direct in palox with optional closed circuit pump.
-D.200mm pipe to a bar filter or shellfish crusher

Further information

Weight ND
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Power supply


Dimensions on request

Depending on model

Electric or hydraulic model

Model 15 brushes, Model 18 brushes, Model 24 brushes

Water supply

Model with 15 brushes: 15 m3/h, Ø 40mm
Model with 18 brushes: 20 m3/h, Ø 40mm
Model with 24 brushes: 25 m3/h, Ø 40mm

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