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This clocked packing line for oysters makes it possible to optimize the quantities of oysters to be packed in the different sizes of crates or baskets on the market.

Several washing processes can be proposed at the start of the oyster packaging line depending on the quality and quantity of oysters desired.

– Loader washer 12 ramps
– 6-row pre-scrubber + 8-row washer
– Jumbo scrubber
– Waterproof hopper

The oysters circulate on a central belt where the unpackaged excess can be redirected to the washer via a return belt.

The crates circulate on side belts and their advance is timed to the rhythm to allow each operator to deposit a count of oysters in the crate to obtain at the end of the chain the total number of oysters of the order.

An optional packaging dispenser automatically positions crates on the side belts to optimize packaging handling operations.

The number of oysters packed in each crate must then correspond to the dosing grid (total weight/number of oysters/size)

Cadence achieved with this packaging process
200 kg/h/person

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