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The oyster washer loader is a washer with a large storage capacity in the hopper from 400 kg to 1500 kg (jumbo) offered in 8, 12 or 16 washing ramps in different frame widths, complete washing or pre-washing.

The oysters are washed below/above using a stainless steel mesh belt.

A variator makes it possible to adjust the speed and the washing time of the oysters. An adjustable brush for the level of oysters passing through the washing tunnel.

The clean oysters are received in manna or rack on an optional support or on an inspection belt for sorting.

An optional waterproof hopper allows oysters to be stored in water without stress.

A 'Jumbo' version of this hopper allows significant storage of 1000 kg to 1500 kg.

Oyster washer loader
240V power supply
Water supply Ø25) 40m3/hour depending on model

500 kg to 2 tonnes/hour depending on model

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Power supply


Dimensions on request

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Version 2,50 x 500, Version 2,50 x 600, Version 2,50 x 500 Sealed hopper, Version 2,50 x 600 Sealed hopper

Water supply

6, 8 ramps: 15 m3/h, Ø 40mm
12 ramps: 35 m3/h, Ø 40mm

Hopper capacity

Depending on model

Materials similar

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