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This oyster/mussel box emptyer allows shellfish to be turned over and emptied in the various process machines.

Offered in version:
– Front loading
– Side loading
– Top loading

Single or double cylinders protected by parachute valve.
- Unloading height from 1m to 2m50

Capacity from 1000kg to 2000kg

Possible option: Mesh protective partition with barrier cell, Frontal, lateral and upward loading, Suitable end piece, Palox notching, Different stops possible, Epoxy paint cylinder Stainless steel cylinder, Edible oil

The complete range of oyster/mussel emptying boxes makes it possible to find technical solutions for all oyster and mussel production processes.

Further information

Weight ND
Length ND



Depending on model

Pneumatic supply

400V, 6 BAR


Standard model, Lateral model, Ascending model for an unloading height of 2m00, Ascending model for an unloading height of 2m40

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